September 2013 (Published)
  • AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER magazine Issue 28.09.13. Part page featuring one photograph: 'Dead Wood'.

September 2013 (Awarded)
  • INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2013, Honourable Mention awarded for 'Dead Wood'.

Spring 2013 (Published)
  • PHOTO TECHNIQUE Magazine. Six pages featuring monochrome long exposure article and seven photographs: 'Glimmer', 'Boardwalk', 'Snake', 'Fisherman's Cottage', 'Crowns', 'Portal' and 'Silver Lining'.

May 2013 (Published)
  • WHAT DIGITAL CAMERA magazine. Two pages featuring filter review and two photographs: 'Fresh Sea Food' and 'Shelter'.

February 2013 (Published)
  • WHAT DIGITAL CAMERA magazine. Two pages featuring camera review and three photographs: 'Tables', 'Early Morning Walk' and 'Welcome To Tinside Lido'.

December 2012 (Online)

December 2012 (Published inc. Front Cover)
  • ADVANCED PHOTOGRAPHER magazine. Front cover ('Staccato') and eight pages featuring interview and eight photographs: 'Staccato', 'Undercurrents', 'Monopoly', 'Snake', 'E293', 'Bathing Dangerous Here', 'The Introspect', and 'Five Seagulls'.

November 2012 (Published)
  • ADVANCED PHOTOGRAPHER magazine. Part page featuring one photograph 'Shutters'.

September 2012 (Awarded)
  • INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2012, Honourable Mention awarded for 'Sand, Sea & Silence', a set of five images.

June 2012 (Awarded)
  • 7TH ANNUAL BLACK & WHITE SPIDER AWARDS, Nominee awarded for 'Snake'.

May 2012 (Online)

March 2012 (Online)

January 2012 (Online)

Winter 2011 (Published)
  • DARTMOOR magazine. One page featuring one photograph: 'Breaking The Shroud'.

December 2011 (Online)

December 2011 (Published)
  • PRACTICAL PHOTOGRAPHY magazine. Part page featuring one photograph: 'Awake'.

October 2011 (Awarded) ( Published)
  • TAKE A VIEW - LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2011, Commended awarded for 'Monopoly'. Featured in the 2011 Awards Book and exhibited as a print at the National Theatre in London from 05.12.11 until 18.02.12.

September 2011 (Online)

July 2011 (Online)

July 2011 (Published)
  • DIGITAL SLR magazine. Six pages featuring interview and six photographs: 'Big Red', 'Pier End', 'Puddle', 'Sea Serpent, 'Diamonds In The Sky' and 'Sea Sentinel'.

May 2011 (Online)

March 2011 (Published)
  • AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER magazine Issue 05.03.11. Two pages featuring three photographs: 'At The Gate', 'Huts' and 'Big Red'.

February 2011 (Online)